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Black Friday traffic brings down Web stores of HP, Best Buy, others

Retailers' systems buckle under load of post-Thanksgiving Web shopping.

Sony Pictures hackers release list of stolen corporate files

"Guardians of Peace" offer a gigabyte-long list of filenames to share.

Former HP CEO responsible for Compaq merger explores 2016 presidential bid

Carly Fiorina to seek GOP spot as “non-politician offering a unique perspective.”

Latest Windows 10 update shows how rapid releases work in practice

Problems revealed by the fast track were fixed before the rollout to the slow track.

Application Programming Interfaces

 Gear Icon for APIs

A web based open api using rest makes it possible for web developers to create applications that interact with each other and share data. It can be as simple (or complicated) as a hand coded file or be done with an involved drag and drop interface.

Start Building Your Business Apps Today!
 Salesforce Logo [Gears]

You can build mobile apps on the Salesforce1 Platform App Builder by building them visually with off-the-shelf, re-usable or custom-built, self-contained components.


A Genetics Database For Your Apps
 23 and Me Logo [DNA]

You can build novel apps on the human genome using the 23andme free rest api with demo endpoints; and it can be used without even knowing what a gene is. There are Github examples as well as a forum to get you started quickly.


Computational Ideas for Your Apps
 Wolfram Logo [3D Geodesic]

You can create computational knowledge for personal and enterprise applications by accessing the Wolfram platform at multiple levels. The api is a rest-style web service with bindings for popular languages and platforms.



Incubators for Development and Funding

 Light Bulb / Plant Hybred Icon for Startups

Organizations designed to accelerate the growth and success of entrepreneurial companies by supplying business support resources and services such as physical space, capital, coaching, common services, and networking connections.

Startup Funding for Digital Entrepreneurs
 Y Combinator Logo [Boxed Y C]

Twice a year, Y Combinator invests a small amount of money in a large number of startups that are moved to Silicon Valley for 3 months for developing and refining their pitch to a carefully selected, invite-only audience.

Y Combinator

A Platform for Funding for the World
 Indiegogo Logo [Colorized Hash Sign]

Indiegogo creates conditions for people to access the global community to make ideas happen. Once the idea is developed, Indiegogo uses their platform to spread the word.


A Way to Fund Projects & Follow Creativity
 Kickstarter Logo [Big K]

Kickstarter guides you through the development process so you can present your ideas clearly. Build the prototype; get feedback; launch it; then track funding. If the funding goal is met, you'll keep backers in the loop until your project is completed.