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T-Mobile to offer LTE over 5GHz Wi-Fi airwaves to boost data rates

Cellular and Wi-Fi signals will have to avoid interfering with each other.

Computer intrusion inflicts massive damage on German steel factory

Blast furnace can't be properly shut down after attackers take control of network.

Critical Git bug allows malicious code execution on client machines

All versions for Windows and Mac are vulnerable.

Start Building Your Business Apps Today!
 Salesforce Logo [Gears]

You can build mobile apps for free for life with the Salesforce1 Platform App Builder.

Building the apps can be done visually with off-the-shelf — re-usable or custom-made — self-contained components.  Bullet Point

A Genetics Database For Your Apps
 23 and Me Logo [DNA]

Using the 23andme free rest api, demo endpoints included, you can build apps using the human genome; and it can done without even knowing what a gene does.

There are Github examples as well as a forum to get one started quickly.  Bullet Point

Apps with Computational Knowledge
 Wolfram Logo [3D Geodesic]

Developers can create apps using computational ideas for their personal and enterprise projects by accessing the Wolfram platform at multiple levels.

The rest-style api web service includes bindings for popular languages and platforms.  Bullet Point

The World's Best Courses For Free.
 Coursera Logo [Stylized C and S]

Coursera is an education platform that partners with top universities and organizations worldwide.

They offer courses online for anyone to take for free; allowing everyone to have access to a world-class education.  Bullet Point

Education for Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime.
 EdX Logo [Graduation Cap]

Edx is a non-profit online initiative created by founding partners harvard and mit.

It offers interactive online classes from the world’s best universities, colleges and organizations — mitX, harvardX & berkeleyX are a few of the many others.  Bullet Point

Learn, Think, Act; Free Higher Education.
 Udacity Logo [Large U]

Udacity instructors know the skills tech companies need — because they work there — and are taught by them with hands-on projects, not just lectures.

Udacity matches industry demands and documents your success with the credentials to prove your accomplishments.  Bullet Point

Y Combinator
Startup Funding for Digital Entrepreneurs
 Y Combinator Logo [Boxed Y C]

Twice a year, Y Combinator invests a small amount of money in a large number of startups.

Moved temporarily to Silicon Valley for 3 months, they develop their business plan and presentation to have it reviewed by a carefully selected, invite-only audience.  Bullet Point

Funding Projects & Following Creativity
 Kickstarter Logo [Big K]

Kickstarter guides one through the development process so that you can present your ideas clearly.

After building the prototype, getting feedback and launching it, one can track funding until the goal is met. Then you'll be keeping backers in the loop until the project is completed.  Bullet Point

A Funding Platform for the World
 Indiegogo Logo [Colorized Hash Sign]

Indiegogo creates conditions for people to access the global community to make ideas happen.

Once the idea is developed, Indiegogo uses their platform to spread the word.  Bullet Point